The Top 5 Syslog Servers for your Pocket!

Syslog is your personal keeper of all events on your network and server and in this post we are bringing the Top Free Syslog Servers compatible with Windows plus Linux in addition to providing in detail reviews. Syslog which is the sort form for System Logging is broadly used by multiple devices of all kinds such as switches, routers, printers and other devices.

The messages transferred over devices can be informative messages including the login events of registered users, crucial messages signifying problematic areas of applications. These messages perform an important role on any network’s collection of tools which in turn notify the administrators of issues that erupt on a network letting them instantly cater to the problem before it causes any significant damage so that the administrators can get rid of these issues instantly.  Keep reading below to choose the most suitable of Syslog Servers from the below compiled list.

1.     Kiwi Syslog Server Free Edition by SolarWinds

Kiwi Syslog Server is product of the top most network management company of Solarwinds and this product of theirs is a summarized logging feature which assembles all the syslog events and its notifications not solely from the network connected devices but also assemble data from  Windows, Linux and Unix systems.

image for kiwi

This also has a free version which assembles and keeps tabs on the syslog free messages through 5 network devices and even allows you to configure notification alerts for certain events including choked up traffic, unauthorized signing in or device malfunction.

2.     SNMP Soft Syslog Watcher

Syslog Watcher is compatible with networks of IPv4 and IPv6 and assembles data from both UDP & TCP. You can even switch on email notifications when certain situations come up which will instantly notify you of all the issues erupting in your system before they become disastrous. The Viewer also allows you to place filters on certain events as they arise and then lets you access real time Syslog where all notifications can be personalized with color, fonts etc as you feel comfortable in.

image for SNMPSoft Syslog server

All of the saved notifications and messages can be combed through a procedure of rules while all the crucial messages can be stored for longer periods of time and the maximum time to keep them stored would depend on the nature of the message; how severe it is. Syslog Watcher Suite is accompanied by export choices including an option of exporting database using auto settings or even manually.

3.     Paessler PRTG Syslog

The functions of this Syslog Server are in built into a PRTG Network Monitor application, which we have discussed in detail in our other recent blogs. PRTG is a suite with complete features for keeping tabs on applications which does not need any extensive installation of any software for stimulating particular functions of the Syslog Servers. The Syslog Receiver Sensor can be included in this package through the option for “add sensor” dialog that is used for monitoring and device management.

PRTG Syslog Server

It is able to analyze all syslog notifications using all network devices even the machines that are compatible with Windows. PRTG has the privilege of managing multiple syslog messages in a single second but the abilities are dependent on the device’s processing power, storage space and over all set up.

4.     Splunk Light

Splunk Light was manufactured as a comprehensive solution for log analysis on small scale IT set ups. It can conduct a real time management of all syslog messages through the connected devices accompanied by a customizable dashboard. It has extensive search tools and the feature of placing filters for result generation and will then jot down those messages which need attention specifically the error messages and notifications from any one device.

5.     WhatsUp Syslog Server Free Tool

This tool is a simple one which can conveniently assemble access and transfer syslog events from any device on a particular network. With Syslog Servers can open up real time messages using an interface that is intuitive and then lets you run an analysis on these messages for interpretation of a particular problem. The set filter was designed to select the data that you think needs attention.

So folks, you can grab any of the Top 5 Free Syslog Servers and do a test analysis in terms of configuration to get a feeling which one would suit your system.

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