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All the fellows are warmly welcome to our internet website at the provided email address that is www.tonixcomp.net. This website is said to be a community site in which you are almost every time able to go through the text and also comment on the news of technology, reviews, comparison some games, some of the tips and such other things.

With the achieving and the viewing of the website and even for the utilizing of the internet website services. My fellows you are having such a free time with our website that in case there is any question running in your mind then you will be able to get in touch with us through. And also with the any of the ways that have been sorted within the text to come.

There might be a reason that you are unable to satisfy with our terms and conditions, and then we suggest you to try to cope with other website. Also we direct you to stop any of the services

  1. Use of Website

For the regular use of the website just make sure about the use of any service on this website. And for this you need to have a good internet connection. Let us also make you sure that you are responsible for any type of internet connection. And also the additional fees that are consolidated with such agreement and for selecting every last equipment that is in the need of.

  1. General Regulations to the Conduct

This website provides such services that are made accessible for your personal usage. It is not mandatory that it have to be employed for the commercialized intention for any of the wrong purpose.

  1. Content

The right of the very first publication that is linked with the bundle of the material contained on, within, or even that is accessible from the website. This enables the letting in every last bit of information, any kind of data, textual matter, music and many other options that are like this. Let us also tell you that all these rights are reserved. You fundamentally should not frame in or subordinate yourself up with the website tonixcomp.net.

The above mentioned details suggest same for our Trademark, logo and other specific assets thereof.

  1. Connection with 3rd Parties

There might be chances that our website gets a connection with the internet site that are actually handles by all the 3rd parties. Tonix should monetize some of these links with the usance of 3rd party conglomerate programs. You must be aware that Tonix doesn’t have any kind of effect or any supremacy concluded any kind of 3rd party.

  1. Privacy Policy of Our Website

It is our duty to keep your secrecy a secret. Tonixcomp will wholly employ your personalized information in the conventionality with the conditions of our privacy policy. If you utilize these services of this website, you are able to acknowledge and also as an accord to the truth that you have gone through all the details provided in the privacy policy of our portal.

  1. Repudiation or Obligation

The use of this website or any service of this website is solely at your own will. All the services and as well this website itself are rendered on an “AS IS” basis. This is actually allowed by the law.

We admit our claim that all type of liability raising from any place of relation that you have with your website.

  1. Restrictions or Termination

The website saves the right that is within its exclusive discreetness so that they can deny you accession to the internet site.


  1. Ad’s on Website

We demand not any kind of obligation for the advertisements that are placed on the Tonixcomp.net. So in case you decide for the purchasing of the goods or any kind of services from any kind of 3rd party. This is totally dependent on your own will.

  1. General

All these terms and conditions represent the complete agreement that is between you and also the website Tonixcomp.net

So we here at the TonixComp.net save every right for the update at the terms and conditions.

  1. Contact Us

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