Samsung TV Wont Turn On [ 9 Fixes ] Step by Step Guide

In case that your Samsung TV Wont Turn On, so we have gathered a couple of solutions from around the web to fix your issue. Look at the simple solution first and look down for a portion of the more complex fixes.

Easy TV Repair Video Guide:

Before you continue to further developed fixes, attempt a portion of the recommendations incorporated into the video beneath. These bland arrangements could settle your Samsung TV:

Other Fixes


Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#1: TV’s AC control line connection

Make sure that the TV’s AC control line is solidly connected to the TV and the divider outlet. In case you’re utilizing a power board or surge defender, have a go at interfacing the TV straightforwardly to the divider outlet.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#2: Voltage necessity of the TV

Make sure that your electrical outlet is useful and matches the voltage necessity of the TV.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#3: TV is receiving power

Make sure it is receiving power. Just evaluate Standby Light’s status situated on the lower right corner of the TV. On the off chance that on, it implies the TV is receiving power.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#4: Remote’s fault

It’s maybe the remote’s fault. Just check, whether the TV’s very own power button works and you can power on your TV in that way.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#5: Call Samsung-in our examination

Call Samsung-in our examination, numerous clients could get Samsung to complete a free, nearby specialized repair. This will rely upon whether you’re model of TV is secured and some different variables, however, it’s justified regardless of a shot. Call 1-800-SAMSUNG to discover and ensure that you have the model number of your TV available.

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Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#6: Firmware Update

One user on youtube recommended looking for a firmware update.

He said he was encountering an issue called Phantom Auto Shut Off. You can look for firmware upgrades here or simply call Samsung and get some guided specialized help: 1-800-SAMSUNG.

  • Smart TV Firmware Update:
  • Non-Smart TV Firmware Update:

Samsung TV won’t Turn On Fix#7: Examine The Power board

I know this solution is most likely not what you need to hear. Who needs to dismember their TV but the thing should simply work. However, the fix was chosen as the best arrangement over at


The client who was encountering the issue clarified that he possessed a 65″ UN65JS850DFXZA Samsung TV that declined to power on. It didn’t have red reserve light and abandoning it unplugged for a few hours did nothing.

The tech master clarified that if your TV set is drawing power, you’ll need to check the power board for blown circuits or other broken segments right after unplugging and evacuating the back of the set.

He suggests running a progression of intensity tests-look at the connection for well-ordered directions. Clearly, this is one of the more included solutions, so you’ll just need to handle it once you’ve depleted a portion of the other, simpler Samsung TV fixes.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#8: Replace Capacitors:

Over in CNET, one user had achievement supplanting the capacitors.

He clarified that he supplanted 4 flawed capacitors himself with Radio Shack tops. You can purchase the capacitor units off on Amazon, also. It is anything but a confounded fix-the TV proprietor says you simply require the ability to desolder and weld. You can recognize the broken tops, they’re protruding to finish everything and some were partially open.

⇒ Here’s a video exhibiting the Samsung capacitor settle:

Another CNET peruser said he discovered “10V tops on the 5V rail and 25V tops on a 12ish Volt rail”.

So there are unquestionably some genuine issues with Samsung TVs and their capacitors, based on CNET client encounter.

Over in  InHomeTechSolutions, a specialist said that when capacitors fizzle, it’s the producer of the capacitors blame. It’s difficult to know whether Samsung knew they were defective however he clarifies that Samsung isn’t the first or the last TV brand to encounter significant capacitor issues.

The manner in which they settle it, they supplant the capacitors with better quality alternatives that have prevalent voltage resilience.

Samsung TV Wont Turn On Fix#9: Change Cable Boxes:

Over at CNET, one user guaranteed that swapping link boxes settled the issue.

Samsung TVs Clicking Sounds:

This is another strange Samsung TV issue that a continuing clicking sound and the TV not turning on.

Over at TurboFuture, a canny specialist gives a fix- he says that if your LCD, or smart TV, is encountering this clicking breaking down, there’s a basic repair you can do on your own. It’s most likely identified with faulty capacitors that are flopping following 2-3 years.

He’ll walk you through the clicking fix he led on his Samsung LN46A550 46″ LCD HDTV, which he says is additionally a notable issue with Samsung 550 and 650 series TV. The repair takes around an hour and it’s reasonable the TV will be controlled back on in the event that you take after his guide.

The fix takes after this procedure:

  • First, you have to expel the stand and all the screws attached to the back casing of the TV.
  • Then expel wiring bridles and screws holdings from the circuit board.
  • Recognize poor capacitors and expel them.
  • Then put in the new capacitors and set up it back together.

Ideally one of the above fixing solutions worked for you. We’d likewise exhort reaching Samsung bolster and however contracting a nearby repair proficient.

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In case you’re having issues with your Samsung TV’s capacity, it’s presumably best to call up Samsung if these fixes don’t work. If you can get a Samsung repair professional to come at no charge, that is awesome.

You should need to look at some nearby repair specialists if Samsung declines to bear the expense. The fix probably won’t be justified, despite all the trouble, in any case. Given how economical TVs are nowadays, you should need to purchase another model.

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