How To Settle “COM Surrogate has stopped working” Issue

If you peruse your organizers including video/media documents or attempt to print your records on your Windows PC, you’re provoked by the “COM Surrogate has stopped working” issue.

It’s baffling, yet there’s not a big issue. More often than not, it’s a simple issue to settle. In this article, you’ll get to know about two simple and successful strategies to settle “COM Surrogate has stopped working” issue. Read on and discover how…

Note: The screenshots beneath are from Windows 10, however, you can likewise attempt these techniques if you experience the issue on Windows 7.

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Fix# 1: Roll back your video driver

The “COM Surrogate has stopped working” issue is chiefly generated by an incorrect video driver on your Windows PC. You can presumably settle it via rolling back your video driver. Follow the below steps to know the fixing process of the “COM Surrogate has stopped working” issue:

  • First, you have to hold down the Windows logo key and then tap R to raise a Run box.
  • Then type devmgmt.msc into the Run box and tap on OK.

  • After that locate and extend the Display adapters and then right-tap on your display adapter driver and click on Properties.

  • At last, select Driver to see on Driver sheet. At that point click on the Roll Back Driver option.

On the off chance that the Roll Back Driver symbol turned gray out, you can download the past form driver of your video card from your PC or video card producer’s site or, then again, you can take care of all your driver issues consequently through Driver Easy.

You can update your drivers naturally with either the FREE or the Pro form of Driver Easy. Yet, with the Pro form all that’s needed is 2 steps (also you get full help and a 30-day cash back warranty):

  • First, you need to download and install Driver Easy in your system.
  • Then Run Driver Easy and tap the Scan now option to scan your PC.

  • In the end, select Update All to naturally download and install the right form of the considerable number of drivers that are absent or outdated on your PC (this demands the Pro form – you’ll be incited to overhaul when you choose Update All).

Note: You can also do it for free, however, it’s halfway manual.

Fix# 2: Add dllhost.exe to the Data Execution Prevention exemption

The COM Surrogate is the workable host procedure (dllhost.exe) functioning on the background whereas you are perusing your folders and files. By adding it to the Data Execution Prevention exemption rundown could likewise enable you to settle “COM Surrogate has stopped working” issue.

  • First, you have to hold down the Windows logo key and then tap R to raise a Run box.
  • Then type control into the Run box and tap on OK.

  • The Control panel will appear, you just need to choose System and at that point click Advanced system settings when a new window pop-up.

  • After that click on Settings option, under Performance section.

  • Then mark tick on “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:” option, under Data Execution Prevention section.

  • After that go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or System32

Note: In case you are not aware of your operating system type, you can simply check it by typing msinfo32 into the Run box to open your System Information Panel.

  • Then scroll down to discover and double tap on dllhost.

  • Lastly, first tap on Apply button and then OK to save your settings.


Ideally, this article causes you to settle the “COM Surrogate has stopped working” issue. Don’t hesitate to comment underneath with your own encounters and share this article with your friends.

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