How to expand iPhone Memory?

The ideal situation is to own an iPhone with a memory space of worth 256 GB that too on their latest model however not everyone owns the latest model or can afford one. Each iPhone is totally jammed packed with music, videos, pictures and all kinds of apps hence people owning iPhones of 16GB, 32GB, or of 64GB worth of iPhone Memory will quickly run out of storage and you will be left with a huge issue at hands.

Multiple Android users do use the tools for expanding their device memory to be able to get maximum storage space however this leaves us wondering about how to expand iPhone Memory. If you are an iPhone user then read this article in detail on how to expand iPhone Memory so that you never have to worry about running out of memory space.

RAM and the Storage Capacity

To be able to decide on how to expand iPhone Memory it is imperative that you understand the kind of memory that is in use. You must know that there are two types of memory that any device uses; the first is the Flash Storage which saves your data and the second one is the RAM which is present in memory chips which is used by the device to operate the apps etc.

Even though we will talk about the ways to expand iPhone Memory but you must clarify this in your mind that there aren’t many ways to increase iPhone’s RAM. If anyone wishes to increase iPhone’s RAM this will require you to remove the casing of iPhone and then re-solder all the electronics back in place. Even if anyone with necessary expertise can do this, this will render the warranty of the iPhone useless and will invite unnecessary damage to your iPhone. So it is better not to do it.

Can you expand the Internal Storage of iPhone?

You must know that it is absolutely impossible to increase iPhone’s storage. Other devices have the ability to increase their storage capacity which essentially means that the device has the capability and an option for a removable memory tool such as an SD card etc. If you have an SD card, an extra storage space will be built on your device through this SD card. However this isn’t the case with iPhone because iPhone has limited tolerance for user upgrade options and this is probably why even the battery of iPhone is irreplaceable.

Uses cases to Expand iPhone Memory

In order to expand iPhone Memory, there are some models of iPhones that have the capacity for an additional case attachment which can increase phone’s storage.

Mophie is one manufacturer that have an excellent additional battery packs such as their famous Space Pack which is an iPhone case that can expand iPhone Memory and can provide 100% extended battery life as well in addition to a 64 GB worth of more storage space. Even though this case doesn’t look graceful and can make your iPhone heavy but it can at least expand iPhone Memory.

Thumb Drives compatible with iPhone

If you don’t like the idea of using a case you can instead use a thumb drive which would be light in weight which you can easily plug in using the lightning port option which is available in iPhone 5 and later models.

A good thumb drive would be iXpand manufactured by SanDisk, which can provide almost 256GB of added iPhone Memory. It also provides you the option to connect a USB which you can use to get connected to a PC to exchange any files.

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