How to Easily Check Your Internet Speed?

We understand the frustration which pours in with lagging Wi-Fi. When your internet starts acting up for no obvious reason, the best way to detect any issues is to check your internet speed. You do not have to be an expert to check how well functional your internet speed is. In fact, there are many internet speed tests available online which can help you determine the speed test. They will show you how fast your internet speed is and how you can enhance your internet speed.

Here is how many internet speed tests work

  1. Pick any service (google for the best services)
  2. Hit the Go or Run Test button

Now when you check your Wi-Fi speed you would be able to test three elements.

Ping Rate

The ping rate would check your internet speed by picking up the time taken for the data packet to travel from sender to giver and vice versa.

Download Speed

The downloading speed is the most important check. It shows how fast your internet speed is on your computer in Mbps.

Uploading Speeding

It is similar to Download Speed. However, it allows you to upload chunks of data with adjustments to ensure that your connection is in full extent.

Here is how NOT to sabotage your internet speed

  • Do not use the wrong Speed Test tool
  • Do not test it only once
  • Do not do the testing in the wrong place
  • Do not use it while using a VPN
  • Do not Leave other devices using the Wi-Fi

Internet speed tests are useful for many reasons;

  • It ensures you are paying for the right speed.
  • Allows you to know better about setting new routers and doing coverage throughout your home.
  • Testing if the speed is enough to support all of your devices.
  • Help you detect main Wi-Fi problems.

There are many promising platforms to help you through it, such as the system helps you check your internet speeds and if it’s not up to the scratch along with customized solutions to your internet speed.

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