How To Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0142 (Hard Drive Failure)

When our PCs are working appropriately, they’re completely a shelter to our profitability, however, when they come up short, they tend to make us feel more moronic than a crate of rocks. Running into an error code like, “Hard Drive Failure: 2000 0142” at minimum discloses to you that something is doubtful in the hard drive of your PC, yet it gives you no analytic bearing for settling it. Gratefully, that is what we are demonstrating you into this article. In case that you’ve at any point faced this specific troublesome error on your new (or old) Dell PC, continue reading since we will demonstrate to you the proven strategies for settling the Dell Error Code 2000-0142.

Yet, “hard drive failure” simulate something unsalvageable and startling is going on to your PC. However, before you dispatch it off someplace to be repaired, there are unquestionably steps that you can take to find out the genuine idea of this vexatious error code.

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One may feel that error codes in Windows PCs would be attached to the single, binding together element between these diverse forms from various producers — the way that they’re all running Windows. And keeping in mind that the working system has its own arrangement of error codes, makers every so often utilizes their own, as well. This is particularly common with organizations like Dell, who periodically utilize one of a kind, restrictive hardware within PCs. It encourages them to all the more likely determine issues related to having that hardware. What’s more, that is absolutely what’s happening with Dell Error Code 2000-0142. It’s extraordinary to Dell PCs, which clarifies for what reason there’s so little available help for individuals who encounter this.

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Hard drive failure means that your hard drive is corrupted and can not be fixed. In case that you’ve at any point looked into the instance of your PC, you’ve no uncertainty seen the majority of the associating links that append different bits of your PC to its motherboard. The equivalent is valid for hard drives, regardless of whether you’re utilizing a work area or PC. On the off chance that anything is strange mechanically, it’s very conceivable that if you fix those placements, you’ll adequately resolve the error code.

We’ll demonstrate to you how, underneath, however before that, we should give a detailed disclaimer:

In case that you don’t feel great with any of the steps that we prescribe in our concise guide underneath, never delay counseling a PC repair proficient. We’ll make sure to incorporate the majority of the fundamental safety measures that you should take before messing around within your PC, however in the event that it sounds excessively threatening for you, that is alright! The Dell PCs that this error code appears on are typically sponsored up by solid guarantees and client benefit, so don’t be reluctant to utilize them.

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Manufacturer Dell Error Code 2000-0142:

You’re probably going to experience the Dell Error Code 2000-0142 is on a Dell PC only. This isn’t really in light of the fact that Dell makes its very own component parts and generally, it doesn’t — however huge numbers of the “innards” in a Dell PC were made to the organization’s detail. They’re altogether planned for specific models of PCs, both desktop and laptop models, and that is why a particular error code can be constrained to machines from a solitary maker.

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This error code isn’t really a typical one, however, understand that it’s related to the Dell brand. It doesn’t really encourage our analytic endeavors, yet it does let you realize that it’s a flawlessly valid justification to contact the PC’s producer on the off chance that we can’t resolve the error all alone.

Also, we might want to bring up the fact that it doesn’t make a difference what make or model of hard drive you have introduced in your PC. Since this error code isn’t provoked by the hard drive itself, despite everything you will get this message when a hard drive obviously “breaks down.”

About HDD or SSD:

One final piece of applicable data, before we begin, that it is essential to comprehend even if your PC is utilizing an HDD (hard disk drive) or SSD (solid-state drive). In all conditions, this error code is prompted when an HDD falls flat. This is because of the way that HDDs have moving parts and electric engines. These mechanical parts are inclined to disappointment for some of the reasons, yet since they’re a generally shabby type of storage media, despite everything they’re utilized habitually to assemble modest PCs.

SSDs have no moving parts, yet since they’re an innovation that is as yet being created and enhanced upon, they have a tendency to be more costly. Since they have no moving parts, they’re far less inclined to any type of physical disappointment. This makes them undeniably perfect than HDDs, yet since the innovation is still relatively costly, they’re not frequently utilized in more affordable workstations in Dell’s lineup.

Dell Error Code 2000-0142 Hard Drive Failure:

In case that you’ve gotten this error message on your Dell PC, it’s very conceivable that your hard drive could have endured invaluable harm. It’s a grievous condition, however, at times, no measure of troubleshooting will resolve damaged hardware. In that case, the main thing that you can probably do is either download another hard drive on your own or give your PC for repair. But, that doesn’t really justify all cases, so we will walk you through a portion of the conceivable reasons disconnected to hardware disappointment that you may see this message.

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Furthermore, as we expressed in our disclaimer before, ensure that you’re watchful on the off chance that you seek after any of our answers that include opening your PC. In case you ever need to deal with the inner segments of your PC, here are a couple of precautionary measures that you’ll need to pursue:

  • Ensure that you utilize an anti-static establishing strap, or utilize some different way to release electricity produced via friction before taking care of hardware.
  • Try not to deal with your PC’s inside hardware on a carpeted surface.
  • Ensure that you’re working in a dry atmosphere. Abundance dampness or a spill can unsalvageably damage your hardware.
  • Guarantee that your PC is powered down and unplugged before you open the case.

Continuously utilize the most extreme alert when working with your PC’s inward hardware. Furthermore, in case you’re utilizing a PC, ensure that your PC’s guarantee won’t be evacuated by opening up the case.

Causes for the Dell Error Code 2000-0142:

Here are a couple of the confirmed causes that you may see this error message on your Dell PC:

  • Flawed or crooked cabling in your PC’s case, interfacing your hard drive to the motherboard.
  • Adulterated information on the hard disk, makes it crash.
  • An error in the drive individual test process performed when your PC boots up.
  • Device disappointment, as mechanical harm to the hard drive.

Obviously, there isn’t much we can do about the last one separated from inside and out supplanting the hard drive, itself. Yet, the other conceivable causes are everything that we can investigate, and ideally workaround. A definitive objective is to guarantee you that you don’t need to supplant your hard drive, yet in case, it has been physically harmed, that might be the main decision.

Fixing the Dell Error Code 2000-0142:

Underneath, we’ll stroll through investigating steps for settling this issue. The well-ordered process is planned to determine a larger part of the issues above, therefore guaranteeing that the hard drive can be settled, or affirming that it should be supplanted.

Initially, you will need to double-check the hard drive’s associations. This will include opening up your PC. To start with, you should in every case twofold check to ensure that you’re not excreting your PC’s guarantee by doing this. For whatever length of time that it’s safe to proceed with, open up your PC’s case, and guarantee that the cabling associating your hard drive to the motherboard is secure. Furthermore, ensure that the majority of the mounting screws are tight, and the hard drive is legitimately fitted within the case.

Once you’ve guaranteed that the hard drive is appropriately introduced in your PC, we can play out a disk check. In the event that your PC can boot to the Windows work area, we can run a disk check from the Command Prompt. Once you’re in the Windows Command Prompt, enter chkdsk/r to start running a beware of your downloaded disk drives. Windows will likewise endeavor to repair it, and if it’s effective, you’ll be ready! On the off chance that it’s unsuccessful, we can keep attempting to determine this from your PC’s boot menu.

When beginning your PC up, press F2 to enter the BIOS Setup Menu. Your installed hardware ought to be recorded, here. In the event that you don’t see your hard drive, use F12 to go to the Diagnostic menu. From here, you can endeavor to identify and repair flawed hardware. On the off chance that you incite a similar error code as previously, in any case, it’s a relatively certain sign that you’re taking a gander at physical hard drive disappointment.

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In case you’ve affirmed that your hard drive has fizzled, you have a couple of various choices. On the off chance that your PC is still under guarantee, we prescribe that you contact the producer or retailer in charge of pitching it to you, and request to have it repaired. And if you don’t have a guarantee on the machine, we prescribe searching out a nearby PC repair proficient. It’s not troublesome for somebody sufficiently gifted to set another hard drive instead of the old one.

In spite of the fact that the Dell Error Code 2000-0142 can now and then aware you of a major issue as hard drive disappointment, that isn’t generally the case. We trust that our above guidelines have helped you to determine the issue, to an end. But, despite everything you require more help with this issue, don’t hesitate to hit us up in the comments area of this article!

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