Cricket Wireless APN Settings Process Guide

As you know, Cricket Wireless is recently established company in which Aio is integrated between wireless and cricket. If you are interested in owning the pre-paid data or mobile plan service offered by Cricket Wireless and face difficulty connecting to the Internet or sending an MMS. Then you’ll easily get your answers from this Cricket Wireless Apn Settings process.

Before giving you the appropriate guidance for the Cricket Wireless APN settings set up on your phone, we would like to describe you a bit more about these settings. They are the group of values that helps to find the right server on your mobile operator in your phone, in order to send and receive data.

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Cricket Wireless Apn Settings – Elaborate information :

As you are aware that, every mobile data provider provides a specific group of values that can be properly entered on a mobile phone for the right path to the Internet server, and this group of settings is known as the Cricket Wireless Apn settings. This apn settings detailed information is provided below :

Name : Internet
APN : ndo
Proxy : Not Required
Port : Not Required
Username : Not Required
Password : Not Required
Server : Not Required
MMS proxy :
MMS port : 80
MCC : 310
MNC : 150
Authentication type : Not Required

Cricket Wireless Apn Settings Arrangements :

With the above provided information, go to your phone and follow these steps :

  • For Android Devices, just follow this path; Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>.
  • After that you have to create a new apn and enter the Fido Apn settings we’ve already given you.
  • In the end just save and restart your android device to try it.

Finally, you can now use the Cricket Wireless Data plan on your android phone! 🙂

For further queries and issues review our APN Troubleshooting Guide for a step by step verification and for further reference also check this Cricket Wireless Support Site. You can also comment below in the comments section related to this article and enjoy the internet settings. ☺️

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