Canon Error B200 [SOLVED] Step by Step Guide

In case you’re getting Canon Error B200, we’ve gathered a rundown of fixes for this regular printer error. While Canon prescribes some nonexclusive fixes like driving the printer on and off, we discovered some more hearty fixes that include working with the printer heads.Image result for canon error b200

Canon Error B200:

We’ve seen this error happen on

  • mg6320
  • mp560
  • mx870
  • mx922
  • mp620
  • mg522

And more Canon models.

Look at the fixes beneath and check whether they work-the recordings give well-ordered advisers for clearing the issue. Be admonished, in any case, that analyzing your printer can invalid the guarantee so the best initial step may be to contact Canon bolster.

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5 Solutions that can fix Canon Error B200:


YouTube maker posted a prominent fix for this Canon error code that cautioned them to “unplug the power rope and contact the administration center”.

The fix starts by switching off the printer, unplugging it and afterward moving the printer head towards the center and walk out on. When it’s turned on once more before the printer head will return to one side and before it goes to the simple left, she says to close, sit tight for it to reboot now, and See if the error has been cleared or not.

Watch the full video for the above fix and some others she endeavored to clear this bug from her Canon printer.


As per this video maker, the best approach to settle the Canon B200 error is to replace void ink cartridges and clean the printhead.

He warns, be that as it may, this could invalid the guarantee and to contact Canon bolster before endeavoring a fix.


YouTuber posted a Canon error B200 message settle. He says that, in his experience, by and large, this error is identified with a printhead issue inside your inkjet printer.

While he says that some Canon bolster strings show that it can happen as a result of a block or something inside your printer keeping the support from moving, in his experience, this hasn’t been the situation.

The basic cure is to switch off the printer for a few minutes, expel blocks, turn the printer on once more and is thought to be cleared. Even so, if this doesn’t work for you, one of the main fixes he suggests is investigating the electrical error inside the print head.

He says that the fix will differ by the number of cartridges you’re utilizing. With a 5 Plus cartridge printer, it’s trickier in light of the fact that the print head will be arranged inside the printer. If so, he recommends reaching Canon bolster. Look at the video for the well-ordered guide on settling this error.

One Canon printer proprietor, in the remarks area, clarified that he has the 5 ink cartridge variant, and he posted a fix that worked for him:

  • Turn Off Power.
  • Open up the print head sound.
  • Switch On control.
  • Sit tight for the print carriage to start exchanging to one side and let it go past midway.
  • Just before the print carriage gets to one side hand side close the cover.
  • Leave the Printer exchanged on.
  • Check whenever settled.


As per the prevalent tech settle site Appuals, the fixes will shift contingent upon whether you have a 2 or 4 cartridge Canon printer. The fixes include working with the print heads and the cartridges. Look at the well-ordered canon error B200 settle over at Appuals.


A Canon bolster string has a basics fix. It includes evacuating the print head, guaranteeing the print head is accurately lined up with the front casing.

The Canon client said that he taped over its gold contacts with some Scotch tape keeping in mind the end goal to close them from ink and water pollution. Look at the full fix in the Canon bolster string connected previously.

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If you are satisfied with these fixes or you have any new ideas, Then leave us a message or give some feedback!!!

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