About Us

TonixComp was introduced in the [ 2 Aug, 2018 ]  with the eagerness for the information technology. This website all the systems of IT and new technology news, reviews, the opinions, blogs, downloading, some computer lessons, products and obviously how can we forget trick and tips. Tonixcomp.net is declared one of the Group e Radar PVT Ltd websites.

TonixComp is very famous for the thriving site with four full time or permanent employees, a night editor and a sequence of freelancers. Alternative to this by getting the writing of daily news, reviews, software’s and also hardware’s and any discussion regarding application that is present on the website suitable for your smartphones.

Let me tell you that this website is mainly divided in come categories. These divisions are as follows :

  • News,
  • Reviews
  • Comparison
  • Games
  • Tips
  • And also the specifications and videos.

This website was introduced in the boundaries of a single slogan: “If you don’t know : demand. If you know : Share.” 

Tonix Varies are there to make public aware about the recent revolutions in the current or upcoming time that are linked to the areas of digital and new technologies. And also under some different aspects. These aspects includes :

  • Technical
  • Practical
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • and even Cultural.

Now see, all of this is simple and independent.

We have our team of researchers and experts. They works daily to deal with the question that what is happening in the computer components manufacturers, among the giant of the web, in startups at the national or some local level. Besides this when we take a look at the ministries and other places power. Precisely all in order to critically analyze the developments that is occurring to irritate some of your daily routines.

It is a pleasure to announce that we also provide online monthly analysis on the background and the records enables us to address these issues with the hindsight. This allows you to a better understanding of them.

Our members of our labs also searches every week a new products and some new services on the market.

Major Focal Areas

  • Information or news related with IT and new technologies
  • App discussions- with this we have a right to make a selection of the best apps that are appeared daily.
  • iOS Tips : advice to avail more from your iPhone or iPad.
  • The impact of Apple and iOS on the industries, professions and some social groups.
  • Insight: Here we discuss about the recent and new developments for the ordinary user.
  • Shortly: It is our duty to make sure that no one has to miss important news, we are grateful to the daily section Tonixcomp.net today.
  • Specs of Mobile: Mobile and reviews of other devices.
  • Updated information about games.
  • Reviews of games
  • And other procedural articles.


The website is stable with both feet on the ground and we are proud to inform that. This website is also trying to be as fair as possible to report on the developments that are linked to IT. This clearly states that you will encounter at the Tonixcomp.net both good and bad news. This is due to the financial dependence of these affiliate programs, to not to jeopardize the continued existence of our website.