0x8007007b | Solutions For The Error Codes

Let’s begin with the solutions that are often occurred in your windows. These lags are actually known as the 0x8007007b errors. So here we are provided with the solution guide to all of these errors. Come along with us so that we can have a look at the common issue.

Consider a situation in your mind when you install windows 8 in your computer and you receive these error codes of 0x8007007b or even 0x8007232b. There might be a question that occurs in your mind how to resolve it. Let us here provide you the guide for its solution.

Before the end of this guide, let me tell you before that this you will be able to perform such functions easily and perfectly.

Introduction of Guide

Here at Tech inside, we recommend all the users to look for and also to find all the possible solutions that are of these errors. We are saying this as we have a strong belief in the understanding of an error is the best way to solve it.

Indication of Error Codes

Basically, these are the two errors that are different in many ways. As I have mentioned before as well that these errors occur whenever you attempt to try to install windows 8. There are some ways that these errors are somehow related to each other. These are occurred because of the same reasons.

It is a moment that we should take a look at all these errors separately and also in detail.

There is also a thing that all the error codes are notoriously same and it results to get people to confuse.

All that is confirmed here are the codes in this guide is liked in full:

Error code for windows activation Is : 0x8007232b

To all the people, if you have received the activation code then you will also have the complete message.

Indication of message

“Windows couldn’t be activated”. All the key management services that are also known as KMS could not be searched in the domain name system. This domain name system is also known as DNS. For this make sure that your system administrator verifies that a KMX is published correctly in DNS. This error code is 0x8007232b.

Error for Windows activation : 0x8007007b

Above all the information let us step ahead with the fixation of this issue.

0x8007007b Error Fixation Process 1

This results in the changing of the product key for windows 8 with the help of GUI. GUI stands for the graphical user interface. Just follow the number of steps that are provided here :

  1. Have your windows.
  2. Close all the running work that you are doing on your device.
  3. Soon all the functions are closed you have to place the cursor in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.
  4. Select all the different options on the menu that is right in front of you till you run and select it.
  5. After attempting the run option, then just type the following: “slui 3” (don’t insert the quotation marks.
  6. Above all, tap on the option of OK.
  7. Soon you have inserted the authentic product key for windows 8, just tap on the option of Activate.

0x8007007b Error Fixation Process 2

Follow the points provided Here :

  1. Open your windows.
  2. Again cross all the functions you are performing.
  3. Place your cursor and the tap on the right click.
  4. Visit the pop-up menu till you find the command prompt (that is admin) and just choose it.
  5. Answer all the questions that are asked by AUC.
  6. The moment the prompt windows are displayed, type the provided command. “slmgr.vbs-ipk (a valid product key for windows 8). Remember to not to use quotation marks.
  7. After that type the following: “slmgr.vbs /ato”
  8. Lastly, tap on the Enter button.

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